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On the way to Tarrawarra 2016 oil on linen 60 x 240cm SOLD

Heartland I 2016 oil on linen 130 x 170cm SOLD

Heartland II 2016 oil on linen 130 x 340cm SOLD

Fish River dreaming 2016 oil on linen 120 x 240cm SOLD

One eye is weeping 2016 oil on linen 130 x 170cm SOLD

"Ducknest paddock' 2016 60 x 160cm oil on linen SOLD

"Ducknest Paddock II' 2016 60 x 160cm oil on linen SOLD

Bruny 2016 gouache on acid free foam core 31 x 76cm SOLD

Garden 2016 acrylic on board 35 x 43cm SOLD